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These Wellness Ambassadors Make Going to the Gym Worthwhile

Gym jitters no more! Stay healthy and build friendships at the gym with these resident volunteers who encourage a proactive lifestyle.

A group of enthusiastic senior citizens doing weight training.

Content provided by Good Samaritan Society.

Frank Kluge has the attitude that: “If you rest, you rust.” So, he volunteers as a wellness ambassador at the gym in his retirement community in Denton, Texas. He says the experience has benefited him as much as his students.

“We learn a lot because we’re getting a chance to mentor or teach or to work with them.”

Ambassadors are on hand to help when the clink of the weights or the settings on a machine are intimidating. New program participants and those who need extra encouragement rely on the volunteers to take the jitters out of their time in the gym.

Watch the video below to see the ambassadors in action at Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village.

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