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6 Fun Ideas to Bring Children and Older Adults Together

These six ideas will help you grow closer to your grandchildren and decrease loneliness.

A grandfather drawing with his grandchild using colored pencils.

Content provided by Good Samaritan Society.

Great things happen when the young and young-at-heart come together. Want to help your children interact with older adults? Want a better relationship with your grandchildren? Consider these ideas as you brainstorm fun activities.

1. Become E-mail Pen Pals

2. Stack Towers Using Sandwich Cookies

3. Put Together a Puzzle or a Gingerbread House

4. Have a Video Game Showdown

5. Let the Child Teach You How to Use a Tablet, Smartphone or Another Gadget

6. Plant a Raised-Bed Garden and Nurture it Together

We value the abundant joy and life children bring to our Good Samaritan Society locations. Reading programs, craft projects and holiday parties help residents and children come together.

Benefits for Children 

When children interact with adults, it builds their communication and decision-making skills and their self-esteem. For some children, seniors fill the shoes of grandparents they may not have.

Benefits for Seniors

Activities with children can boost adults’ self-confidence and purpose. Helping others also can contribute to better health and decreased loneliness.

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