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Why the Day Is Never Lost

How to hit the reset button with God.

Putting a stop to a bad day

It was only after I sat down with my coffee this morning that I realized I hadn’t said good morning to God.

I hadn’t drunk my cup of water or taken my fish oil either. Both are on my first-things-to-do list.

I know my days go better if I begin with very basic items: thanking God for being alive, telling Him I love him, remembering to stay hydrated, and so on. But I don’t always do what I plan to do, never mind what I should.

Fortunately we can always hit our reset button.

Woke up on the wrong side of bed? Reset. There is no law that says the entire day is dictated by how you felt when you opened your eyes. This is the day that the Lord has made, and even if it takes until 11 a.m. to rejoice and be glad in it, it’s still possible.

Feeling like everything in your day is going wrong? Reset. There is no trend that can’t be reversed. Better late than never.

Feeling like everything that comes out of your mouth is clumsy or ill-advised (or worse)? Maybe that is true so far… But what happens next is up to you and the Holy Spirit. Change happens when we set out hearts to it. In fact, change often happens when we make even a half-hearted attempt.

We can always repent, always turn in a better direction, always turn to God. We can arrive at the first hour or the last, and our confession and love will always be accepted. And when we learn to turn to God readily and without self-condemnation, we will find ourselves seeking the Lord more frequently—and with greater gratitude—than if we succumb to the false threat of thinking that because we didn’t turn when we thought we should have, we have somehow failed. 

Turning to God is never a failure. 

But also, stay hydrated. It helps.

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