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Help Wanted, Help Given

A mysterious stranger, possibly an angel, helped her land a job.

help wanted ad

I sighed. I’d been job hunting for nearly a month without any luck at all. Now a homeless man had sat down next to me at the bus stop. I studied the classified ads, purposely ignoring him.

“Finding a job is hard,” the man said. “Sometimes life ain’t fair.

I looked at him. His clothes were worn, but he had a kind face. He was just down on his luck, like me. Suddenly I found myself telling him all about my job search. The man handed me a newspaper.

“These folks are looking for someone just like you,” he said. He pointed to an ad circled in red.

I took the paper and climbed on the bus. He didn’t follow. He wasn’t at the stop, either. I asked the driver if he had seen where the man went, but he said there hadn’t been anyone with me at the stop.

I got the job from the ad circled in red and have been employed there since—thanks to that mysterious man.

This article is excerpted from Angels on Earth Daily Planner.

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