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In Our Imperfection, Grace Abounds

Why not being perfect is a good and human thing.

In our imperfection, grace abounds.

As much as they may take a toll on our emotions, our imperfections make us human. They can cause us to feel inadequate, unsuitable—even valueless. Yet, our imperfections can teach us to be humble, compassionate and gracious. We have empathy for others because of our own limitations and short comings. Without them, we would expect nothing less than perfection at all times.

The most pressing challenge we all face is accepting our own limitations and faults. The sooner we can accept that our faith in God doesn’t make us perfect, the sooner we can embrace and appreciate His daily grace. When we see our imperfections as stumbling blocks, God sees them as opportunities. Through our vulnerabilities, we discover the power of love, grace and forgiveness with His help.

Throughout history, there are many individuals who impacted the world and other people in great ways, but they, too, had their imperfections. With their limitations and shortcomings, God used them. This reminds me of when I was a child, and my mother would buy me a box of new crayons at the start of each school year. At first, the crayons were new and in perfect shape, but over time, they became worn down and flawed. It didn’t mean that the crayons were useless. On the contrary, some of my best artwork was done with overused and misshaped crayons.

The same thing takes place in each of our lives. We come into the world as a newborn, but it isn’t long before our flaws and weaknesses are revealed. Some of our shortcomings become part of our life struggle, while others go away or become manageable. People of faith have their faults, defects and limitations, but it doesn’t stop God from doing great things through them. In spite of our imperfections, God continues to make us instruments of peace, love, justice and kindness.

Lord, in our imperfections, Your grace abounds.

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