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Celebrating Small Victories

There is always something we can celebrate and thank God for, no matter how small.

Small victories

Life is about more than winning, but there are times when we must celebrate the small victories. A few days ago, my wife, Elba, overcame a fear of hers. When driving to the airport, she took the highway that she typically avoids at all costs. For most people this is not a big deal. However, for Elba it is. This took courage. 

During the ride, I sat quietly in the passenger seat, encouraging her when needed. Though she was tense, she was focused and committed to the task at hand. Elba was determined to work through her fear so that she can pick up our son from the airport when I am out of town. After we returned home, she turned to me and said, “thank you for your support.” This was a win and she needed to pause and take it in.

There are things in life—some big, some small—that we struggle to do or overcome. Each of us has our own unique battles, fears and mountains to climb. And when we are able to work up the courage and strength needed to face these challenges, celebration is called for.

There is always something that we can celebrate and thank God for. For example, being able to take a few steps on our own after heart surgery or enjoying a quiet evening at home after a stressful day at work. And when we stop to recognize these daily wins and express our gratitude to God, we are encouraged to face tomorrow with hope. Pay attention to your small everyday victories, they are God’s way of bringing us joy and strength. What victory are you grateful for today? Please share with us.

Lord, every day I can celebrate the small and big wins in my life, thank You.

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