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3 Ways to Lighten Up

Getting more laughter out of life.

How to laugh more

It’s always a good time to think about how important joy and laughter are in our lives but especially this week with November 14 officially being “Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day.” 

Our days are often so busy that fun gets pushed to the side. In Proverbs 17:22, God tells us, “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” Wow, like medicine. Laughter is something we need. It relaxes us. It refreshes us. And it bonds our hearts to others.

I have a number of friends who make me laugh. My buddy Morris Abernathy can walk into a room, and within 30 seconds, everyone is laughing. That’s a gift from God to bring such joy to the lives of others.

I love laughing with my husband. After 43 years of marriage, we know each other so well that sometimes all Paul has to do is look at me with a certain expression, and it makes me laugh.

And, oh my, I love to hear my grandchildren laugh. Is there anything more beautiful—or more contagious—than the sound of a child’s joy-filled moments?

Now that our children are grown, my husband and I cherish those times when we have everyone under one roof. On our last family vacation, I soaked in the sweetness of hearing our adult children laughing together one morning as they worked in the kitchen to fix breakfast. Simple but oh-so-precious moments. 

So how can we make laughter a bigger part of our lives?

1.  We need to surround ourselves with people who are joy-filled—people who bring laughter and fun into our lives. 

2.  We need to be that joy-filled person for others, to bring the joy of Jesus into everyday moments.

3.  We need to be intentional about loosening up and lightening up. We plan doctor visits and car maintenance appointments, so why not plan some days to just have fun together as a couple, as a family, or as a group of friends? I promise that years from now, those will be some of your best memories.

You know what I’ve discovered that’s really interesting? Sometimes when my schedule is extra busy, I think I don’t have time to go do something fun. But when I do, I always discover that after enjoying laughter-filled moments with family and friends, I’m refreshed and more productive when I get back to work.

How can you become more intentional about lightening up and loosening up—and what can you do to bring more laughter and fun into your lives? It’s the medicine that doesn’t cost a penny, and it’s good for whatever ails you.

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