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3 Simple Celebrations for Father’s Day

It doesn’t have to be dinner out or a round of golf to show your love and appreciation.

Simple celebrations for Father's Day

There’s nothing wrong with a snazzy tie, a dinner out or a round of golf to celebrate the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures that have enriched your life. But as Father’s Day approaches this year, I’m thinking of other ways to show fathers they matter, they are appreciated and they are loved.

1)  Show Him Something He Taught You
Few things are more rewarding to any mentor than seeing that one’s protege has acquired a behavior, technique or skill from you. If your father or father figure taught you how to recognize and pull weeds in the garden, whip up the perfect guacamole, change a tire or start a conversation. Let him know how much you value his role in your success. Better yet, show him how his influence has manifested in your life by displaying your skill for him—invite him over for a meal that features that famous guacamole!

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2)  Visit Special Experiences from Your Shared Past
Many fatherly memories take place at a special location—a park, an ice cream shop, anywhere that reminds you of each other. If it’s logistically possible, find a place to return to with your father or father figure so you can relax in the sunshine or have an ice cream cone. Make a new memory in the warm glow of the past experiences that shaped your relationship in the first place.

3)  Ask Meaningful Questions
Everyone feels special when others take an interest in their lives. Show your father or father figure you value him by asking questions about what inspires him, what challenges him, who influenced him and how he reflects on his life path so far. Record his answers in audio, video or written form so you can preserve both his story and the special experience of having him share his narrative with you.

How do you celebrate the fathers in your life?


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