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Slim Down Without Giving Up Dessert

The Biggest Loser chef reveals tricks for keeping the taste in your dessert recipes without sacrificing your waist.

Devin Alexander

Remember that New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthy? If you need to get back on track, try these easy tweaks to ensure your favorite desserts remain on the menu.

1. Go natural.
Look for recipes that use natural sugars low on the glycemic index, such as coconut sugar and agave nectar. These sugars won’t spike your blood sugar like white granulated sugar will.
2. Look low, not high.
Avoid high concentrations of sugar, such as recipes containing sweetened condensed milk or dried fruit that is sweetened (using unsweetened dried fruit is fine, but remember, it’s still calorie dense).
3. Get the most from roasting.
Roast fruit to bring out its natural sweetness (grapefruit is an excellent choice for this technique) for a naturally low-cal and delicious dessert.
4. Go nuts for coconut (the right kind).
Lots of holiday cookies call for sweetened flaked coconut, which is not only high in fat, but sweetened with corn syrup AND sugar. Try using unsweetened, reduced-fat shredded coconut instead.

Try Devin’s Decadent Date Bars, Crispy Peanut Butter Squares and Itty-Bitty Minty Brownie Bites!

For more of Devin’s great ideas, check out her video.

Photo credit: Deborah Feingold

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