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6 Practical Ways to Resolve Sleep Issues

Watching your loved one’s caffeine intake and offering a stuffed animal to cuddle are possible solutions.


This article is based on information provided by Home Instead Senior Care.

People with dementia may experience changes in their sleep patterns. Keep the doctor informed of changes in sleep habits

If there is no medical problem causing irregular sleep patterns, you may want to try any of the following approaches:

1. During the day, encourage physical and mental activities; discourage too much napping, which can interrupt sleep patterns.

2. Stick to a bedtime routine whenever possible.

3. Keep caffeine to a minimum, as it can worsen sleep issues.

4. Give your loved one a stuffed animal to sleep with; it may have the effect of caring for a real person or animal, which can reduce anxiety.

5. If nightmares are a problem, check your loved one’s medications, as some can cause vivid dreams.

6. Talk to the physician about possibly adjusting dosages or even discontinuing certain medications.

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