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Let It Snow!

Sometimes having your plans derailed leads to something positive. Here’s what happened when I got snowed in last week.

The forecast for more snow today—after last week’s epic blizzard—elicited a lot of grumbling here in New York City. I ran into a neighbor walking our dogs this morning. Of course, we talked about the weather.

“They’re predicting seven inches,” she said, then muttered darkly, “If we get snowed in again…” I must not have looked sufficiently aggravated because she said, “You don’t even seem bothered.”

I said, “I’m just trying to think positive.”

Now it’s coming down fast and furious outside my office window but I’m still keeping a positive attitude. In fact, I say, “Let it snow!” After all, last week didn’t turn out so bad even though my plans to visit my brother and his family in Philadelphia got completely derailed by the storm. I caught up with my nephew and nieces on a long phone call. Then I turned to a great positive thinking tip you may have heard from a coach, a teacher or your mom: “Make every obstacle an opportunity.”

Okay, I didn’t plan or want this time to myself, but now that I had it, why not do something positive with it? I took Winky for extended daily outings to the dog park. She’s nine but the snow had her running around giddily like a puppy. And running around after her proved to be a surprisingly good cardio workout for me. Speaking of cardio, I managed to get to the gym six days out of seven. I baked not one but two desserts for my friends’ New Year’s Eve get-together.

I even got a jump on one of my New Year’s resolutions. I want to reorganize and redecorate my apartment this year. Thanks to being snowed in last week, I’ve already got a lot of decluttering done. I said goodbye to five huge bags of clothes and accessories, linens and housewares (the guy at my neighborhood thrift shop looked stunned). And hello to an apartment that’s cozy instead of chaotic (staying positive is a lot easier when you have someplace relaxing to go home to!).

Did you get snowed in? What did you do with your time?

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