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When Consumed by Worry, Shift Your Focus

Guideposts blogger and military mom Edie Melson realizes that when she’s surrounded by fear and stress, looking to help someone else in need helps her gain perspective.

Helping others can help you fight your own worry and stress and fears.

While our son was serving in the military, I found that my life began to narrow. I let everything revolve around his situation and the fears I felt for him. My days began to darken as worry and stress colored everything a hopeless gray.

I watched myself sink deeper into the pit of depression and realized I needed to make a change. I prayed and asked God to help me.

Instead of sending someone to help me, He sent someone who needed my help.

God used the intense need of someone else to pull me out of my despair. He showed me that one of the best ways to stop that cycle of worry and fear was to change my focus. I just had to stop and look up to regain my perspective.

So now, when I find my vision pointed inward, these are the three things I do to adjust:

1)  Stop and pray.
When I look up at God, He always gives me the perspective I need.

2)  Look around.
No matter how bad my situation is, there are always people around me who need help.

3)  Reach out.
By opening my eyes to those around me, I can see clearly things that I can do to help.

When I take my focus off myself and look for others in need, God broadens my life. He lends me His perspective, and I can see everything more clearly.

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