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3 Simple Words to Brighten Your Day

A small, sweet rhyme helps me find my feet on days when the stress starts to swirl.
Feeling okay today
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“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless,” said Mother Teresa.

As her words suggest, the power of gentle, encouraging and positive language can’t be overstated—whether they’re spoken to others, or to yourself. Simply saying “good morning” can brighten your day. You can also take a few minutes to write a meaningful, personal positive affirmation and then get into the habit of affirming yourself daily.

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Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, in particular by a season of my life that seems to juxtapose excited anticipation and planning for the gifts of a “moving-on moment” but also a constellation of worries, concerns and stressors that aren’t stepping aside to make room for the good stuff. Nothing is terribly wrong, but lately I have felt the stress mounting, the exhaustion swelling.

“I’m okay…today.”

So Mother Teresa’s encouragement to seek out kind words that are “short and easy to speak” meets me right where I am. Lately, I’ve landed on three such words: “I’m okay…today.”

I have found that this simple, mildly rhyming phrase settles me when I am starting a thought-spiral, looking ahead to a future that contains more than its fair share of “what-ifs.” It keeps me grounded in the present, not asking me to declare anything good, great or even okay beyond this very moment. And it gently reminds me that no matter what is going on today, there is some inner sense of safety, of calm and of hope that I can connect with. Not everything, but something is, in fact, okay today.

I hope this short, sweet phrase might brighten your day.

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