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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Packing clutter tightly, using microfiber towels—here’s how to boost your spring cleaning routine.

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Spring is here and so is spring cleaning season.

This is the time of year when we rid ourselves of junk that’s piled up over the winter months. We expel the cobwebs, dust and wipe down all the surfaces, transforming our homes into the squeaky-clean abodes we’re once-again proud to invite friends into.

But whether you plan to organize, declutter or both, there’s another important task to tackle—reducing dust in your house. 

Dust is a problem for those with household allergies, and in addition, acording to a review of 34 studies published in a 2016 issue of Environmental Science & Technology, 90 percent of homes across the U.S. have some form of toxic household dust. The study, performed by Ami Zota, an assistant professor at George Washington University, found most common chemicals were phthalates and flame retardants, elements that can come from everyday products like electronic devices, insulation, and even beauty products.

These items may, over time, shed these chemical compounds and release them into the air where people breathe them in or absorb them through their skin, which has the potential to cause health ailments.

The good news is, with a thorough spring cleaning regimen, you can greatly reduce the dust in your house. Here are some tips for keeping your home dust-free:

Regularly Clean Surfaces

A deep cleaning a few times a year is great, but an even better way to battle back against dust mites and other airborne irritants is by regularly wiping down the surfaces in your home. But don’t use just any old rag. Microfiber towels have been proven to hold ten times more dirt and dust than other cleaning wipes thanks to their tightly-woven material. Invest in a handful of these rags the next time you plan to spruce up your countertops.

Try Vacuuming

The best thing you can do for your home is swap your broom for a high-powered vacuum. Brooms often stir up dust and animal hair in the air, making things like allergies even worse. A quality vacuum can suck up dirt on carpeted floors and hardwood floors too, without scratching them.

Purify Your Air

A great way to ensure dust doesn’t creep its way back into your home is by investing in items that purify the air. That could mean purchasing a high-tech air purifier, or it buying a couple of houseplants known for naturally cleaning the air.

Remove Clutter

The one thing dust loves is clutter and it can be especially difficult to get rid of when open spaces in your home are littered with stuff. Try organizing your things, storing them in dark, cool places, packing them tightly, and when possible, getting rid of them altogether.

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