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Fun, Faith-Filled Lent Activities for Christian Moms

Approach the Lenten season with these six fun activities for you and your family.

Mom hugging young daughter during Lenten season; Getty Images

This Lent, try out some new activities with your kids to help them understand the meaning of this important season. From doing acts of service to giving up something for 40 days, these fun ideas will make Lent a meaningful time for your family. Christian moms, check out these great ideas for celebrating Lent with your kids!

Give up social media for Lent

Giving up social media for Lent is not just a challenge for the tech-savvy among us, but is an opportunity to deepen one’s faith. By taking this commitment seriously, individuals can discover a richer prayer life, and more meaningful reflections and conversations with friends and family who are also observing Lent. Not only that, it gives people a chance to step away from their phones, computers, and other devices to go outside and experience the world around them—birds chirping in the morning, bright stars at night, or crisp fall leaves crunching beneath their feet. With an open heart and mind, Lent can bring moments of clarity and a newfound appreciation for God’s gifts that we too often take for granted.

Pray every day

Praying can be a fun and peaceful activity. People from all different faiths have come to appreciate the spiritual benefits praying provides. Not only does it encourage time for a person to be still and ponder their life, but it also helps foster a deeper relationship with God. There are traditional prayers to recite, such as the Rosary, traditional prayers and even praying with beads; each will help you foster your relationship with God. Each day brings new challenges, but being able to pause and pray can prove invaluable when you’re searching for answers. Praying is a simple, yet powerful way to strengthen your faith and endurance.

Attend a prayer group every week

Attendance at a prayer group is an important and meaningful way to strengthen your faith, and maintain a healthy balance between your spiritual and practical life. Joining a prayer group during the week allows you to connect with God and like-minded individuals. Through fellowship, communal meditation, and song, you can feel empowered and refreshed for the days ahead. Plus, let’s not forget that it can be fun! Get ready to smile, laugh, and build some of the most beautiful relationships! Prayer groups are essentially a safe space to grow closer to God together.

Give up sweets for Lent

Lent is a special time of year for many people of faith, and a popular way to mark the season is to give up something enjoyable, such as sweets. While this can be a challenge, it can also be an opportunity to reflect on a personal journey and develop personal commitments that may last longer than the period of Lent. Ultimately, giving up sweets for Lent is an excellent way to form personal connections to the time of year and strengthen self-control during this special season. While it could be challenging in the beginning, with dedication, one can be rewarded with greater self-awareness, discipline, and commitment.

Do acts of service for others

Many positive things come from doing random acts of service for others! We often get caught up in our own lives and problems, but taking a moment to step outside yourself and do something kind for someone else can bring about a huge wave of positivity. It could be something as small as buying your significant other coffee on their way to work or reading to a local nursing home once a month. Doing these generous acts allows us to nurture relationships with those we care about, and even meet new people by getting involved with charities or simply smiling at someone on the street. Everyone deserves to receive an act of service at some point in life, and we should all strive to help one another out whenever possible!

Read a spiritual book during Lent

Taking the time to pick up a spiritual book during Lent could bring you many blessings and surprises. Finding solace in these books can help reconnect us with our faith, refresh remembrances of days gone by, and encourage us to keep looking up. To take things further, going one step at a time through the book can give a sense of direction and perspective. When we allow our lives to be transformed by the words of those whose faith is seen throughout their writings, a newfound strength suddenly becomes possible.

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