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It’s Howl-oween!

Pet expert Peggy Frezon has some advice for keeping your pets safe on Halloween.

A young child and her costumed dog sort through their Halloween candy

It’s dark, it’s spooky, it’s full of shrieks and giggles.

Whether you go all out or prefer to hide until it’s over, Halloween time is here!

While kids love the fun, this is not my dog Kelly’s favorite holiday. She barks every time the doorbell rings. My friend’s Doberman Pincer tries to hide under the bed. But we can make Halloween safe, happy and fun for our furry friends.

1. There’s no place like home.
If  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is your child’s costume of choice, just leave Toto at home. Even though your dog might enjoy taking a walk while you accompany the kids trick or treating, the streets are generally too busy and confusing. Why take a risk that your best friend might get frightened or run away?

2. The Great Disappearing Act.
Monitor your pets when opening and closing your door to trick-or-treaters. Better yet, keep them in a separate room during all the commotion.

3. Only a witch would hide candy.
…but when it comes to pets, a good witch! Chocolate and raisins, in particular, are harmful to dogs and could make them very sick. So keep that candy bowl out of reach.

4. Princess pups and clown cats.
Wearing an adorable Superman cape or fancy clown costume is one way for your pet to join in on the Halloween fun. Just check that no strings or ties could accidentally strangle your pet. Also, ensure your pet can walk safely in the costume without stumbling and possibly injuring itself. 

5. Things that go boom in the night.
Loud noises, especially eerie wails and shrieks of “Boo!” are all part of Halloween. If your pet is sensitive to sudden noises, reassure her by keeping her in a room away from the noise. Try playing the radio to distract her.

A new toy or extra special playtime with Mom and Dad are great ways to mark the holiday.

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