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Gift Advice for Pet-Lovin’ Moms

If your mother loves pets, here are some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Pets: Great gift advice for pet-loving moms!

When it comes to honoring Mom, we don’t have to do too much to get our point across. Make her a nice breakfast. Write her one of those mushy poems that starts out “M is for…”

But if you have mom who is crazy about cats, dogs and all things furry, you might also consider a Mother’s Day treat that will warm her pet-loving heart.

1. Send a cool new pet e-card.
Wait until you check out these adorable animated e-cards from Sloppy Kisses. They’re customizable with just about any pet, and personalized with your pet’s name. Choose from over 85 breeds of dogs, 20 cats, or other pets such as hamster, turtle, parrot, horse, bunny, chinchilla and more.

2. Capture the perfect pet picture.
What could make her melt more than those floppy ears, that swooshy tail, or those big puppy eyes? Print up a great shot to display in a special frame, or create a mini scrapbook or brag book. Follow these tips for the best pet photos: Get down on their level. Get in close. And be aware of the background.

3. How about a pet rock?
No, not the type you remember from the ’70s. Pet A Rock features flat river rocks, painted to look just like your special pet. You can order one, or send for instructions on how to make your own.

4. Give a birdhouse or bird feeder.
What pet-loving mom can resist watching nature outside her window? A birdhouse or bird feeder might be just the right thing. Consider adding a bird identification book or CDs with bird calls to identify.

5. Consider the ultimate getaway.
If you’re looking for something really special, then pack your bags (and Mom’s) for a trip to the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho. This Inn not only allows dogs—it’s also shaped like a giant beagle! It’s a place where “sleeping in the dog house is a good thing!”

Happy Mothers Day to all pet moms and pet grandmoms from me and Kelly!

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