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Positive Thinking and Pets: Funny Dog Videos

Need a positivity boost? Watch these funny dog videos!

Positive Thinking blogger Amy Wong

Someone (ahem, Winky) heard that I posted about kittens last week and demanded equal time for her canine kind. How can I say no when every single day she helps me keep my positive attitude with all the funny things she does? Besides, making my dog happy makes me happy. I bet you dog lovers out there would say the same about your pets.

I’ve been playing around on Tumblr this past week since we started our new photo blog, Focus on Inspiration (click through and take a look!). So in Winky's honor, I thought I’d share a few funny dog videos I saw reblogged on Tumblr.

Lots of dogs like to vocalize (ahem, Winky), but Mishka the husky takes it to a whole other level.


Have a joyful weekend!

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