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Gracie’s Back! A Dog’s Positive Outlook on Life

It’s stressful to be a human. This golden retriever offers some alternatives.

Gracie romping
Credit: Katye Martens Brier

Today’s guest blogger is Gracie Grinnan.

Good evening. It’s me, Gracie, Edward and Julee’s golden retriever, seven years old. Edward is watching a baseball game. I don’t think he will get to his blog so I thought I would take over. I don’t want him to get into trouble. I know what that’s like! 

As I always say, I’m back by popular demand because, let’s face it, according to the numbers I’m more popular than he is. But don’t tell him! Humans have such delicate egos. 

I’m pretending to be asleep on the couch. It is a beautiful night after a cloudy day that was good for hiking. Now the stars are out. I know that they are far away, farther than I, Gracie, can imagine, and one is called the Dog Star. That’s funny. How can a dog be a star? Well, maybe me. 

I hear animals in the woods. Everyone is waking up after the cold time which makes me happy. I missed them, especially the chipmunks that live in the rocks. Today the tree man was out talking about cutting down some trees that are sick. The woodpeckers have hurt them, though I don’t think they meant to. That makes me very sad. I love my trees!  

Ssshhh. I think Edward might be snoring. Someone just hit a homerun that went all the way to heaven. Upstairs I hear Julee getting ready for bed. I’ll have to go out once more—I’ll be quick!—and get my bedtime treat. Right now, I want to enjoy this quiet time. So peaceful.

The world of humans is a crazy place. So much trouble! I try not to listen to the news and sometimes I leave the room when it is on. That thing that my humans do that I’ve mentioned before…praying? My people have been doing a lot of it lately. They ask for peace and understanding, for the world to get better. 

What I know is that right now I feel very safe. At peace. Sometimes these moments are all we can hope for. It’s that simple. I’m not exactly sure what a blessing is but I think this is one of them. When everything is still, especially on the inside, and we can close our eyes and breathe big and think about good things. Somehow everything else gets taken care of, even the stars. 

Oh, and don’t forget Mother’s Day. Everyone loves their mother! And if you do that praying thing, please pray for my trees. Thank you.

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