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A Beloved Pet Needs Our Prayers

Gracie, the golden retriever, is on vet-ordered bed rest.

Gracie the golden retriever
Credit: Katye Martens Brier

GracieOur world is rife with problems, and there is no reason to enumerate them here because you are as aware of them as I. But one of my favorite quotes from Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, is: “The world is a troubled place because it is filled with troubled people.” 

Today I have a problem that may seem minor in comparison, but I still ask for your prayers. My golden retriever, Gracie, whom many of you know, injured her leg this morning doing her crazy puppy zoomies in the yard when a friend drove up the driveway. The appearance of a visitor always puts her in a joyous frenzy. She will turn seven years old in exactly one month and should start acting her age, though I am no one to talk. 

She came up limping badly, favoring her right leg, and giving me a look that said, “It hurts.” Being the calm and collected person I am, I had her at the vet’s office in exactly twelve-and-a-half minutes. Her longtime vet, Dr. Barbara, examined her gently. Gracie completely trusts Dr. Barbara and cooperated fully in the examination, especially since treats were involved. She did do a doggie wince when Dr. Barbara manipulated the elbow joint on her right foreleg. 

“I don’t believe anything is broken, just a strain, but it hurts her. I’ll give her an ultrasound treatment and prescribe an anti-inflammatory. She needs lots of rest for the next few days. Ice her leg every few hours and keep her quiet.”

Now Gracie is home and resting on the couch in my office while I work on the final chapters of my book on Alzheimer’s. Julee has an ice pack on Gracie’s leg. I’ll sleep down here tonight so Gracie won’t have to manage the stairs. If she won’t relinquish the couch, I’ll gladly sleep on the floor. 

So, in a world full of strife and turmoil, a world that needs all the prayers it can get, please find a moment to say a prayer for Gracie and send healing vibes her way. I would appreciate it. She is the sweetest, kindest soul in my life, and it just tears at me to see her in pain. Thank you.

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