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My Son’s First Game

When it seemed like we’d never get to see my son’s favorite show, God’s love made it happen…

My five-year-old son, Stephen, planted himself in front of the TV and grinned. His favorite “show” was about to begin—a Phoenix Suns basketball game.

“Ladies and gentleman,” the announcer’s voice boomed, “here is your starting lineup!” The arena darkened. Strobe lights flashed. Players high-fived each other, running onto the court to their team song. Stephen clapped and danced around on his tiptoes. My wife, Lorrie, and I cracked up. Stephen had been performing this little routine for months, whenever the players were announced. “One day I’m going to take you to a game, son,” I promised.

About a year later, the construction company where I work finished a project for a Suns rookie. One afternoon my boss called. The player had two extra tickets for that night’s game! “Just pick them up at his house,” he said.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Then I looked at the clock. Even if I had a helicopter we’d never make it to the arena in time for the player introductions. Stephen would miss his favorite part!

I grabbed my keys, got Stephen in the car and hit the road. Lord, I prayed, I know there are more important things than a basketball game, but I’d love to see the joy on Stephen’s face when the players are introduced. Help us make it there safely and on time.

After we picked up the tickets, I drove through a mountain pass. When we came through the other side, I noticed isolated thunderclouds in the distance—solely over the downtown area. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed right near the arena!

I turned on the radio to listen to the game. The DJ said there’d been a power outage at America West Arena. Everyone was fine, but there would be a delay while they got things up and running.

Finally, I parked the car and we walked briskly to the concourse. I hoped we hadn’t missed the introductions.

The very moment we entered the arena, the lights dimmed. The music started. “Ladies and gentleman, here’s your starting lineup!” Stephen’s eyes grew wide. There wasn’t enough space for him to dance around, but I could tell his heart was leaping more than his body was able. Thanks to God’s perfect timing, he hadn’t missed a thing. And neither had I. 

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