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Father/Son Road Trip

The joy of time spent together. Beaches, burgers and conversation.

Road trip

I feel like the header I should put on this would be “What I Did for My Summer Vacation.” One of the best things I did this summer was go on a road trip with my 30-year-old son William. (30 years old? How did he grow up so fast?)

Remember when your kids were little and the way to know what was going on with them was to overhear them talking with a pal in the car? Or when they were teenagers, and you asked them anything and all you got was a monosyllabic “Yes…No…Fine?” Well, sometimes, in car they opened up.

We saw some beautiful scenery. We ate some good food–I am partial to the burgers at In–N-Out. But best of all we talked. And talked. And talked. Five days in a car, and we really never got weary of conversation. He’s bright, clever, well-read, interesting. Anybody’s answered-prayer of a son.

At one point we talked a little about God. “God is ‘is-ness,’” I said, spouting off something I’d read that hit me. “You know when God said to Moses what His name was He said, ‘I Am Who I Am.’ God is what is. He is behind it all.”

I don’t know if I quite convinced Will but that’s what’s great about an endless conversation. The stories we told, the memories we shared. The things we look forward to. Will is engaged to be married to Karen next year so gosh, there’s A LOT to look forward to.

We saw some beautiful beaches, we went running on the sand, we had a picnic on a cliff overlooking the mammoth elephant seals lying on the beach below. We ate Mexican food and Near-Eastern food and yes, those delicious In-N-Out burgers.

But most of all we were simply present with each other. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. That was my 30-year-old son’s gift to me.

There are many people he could surely spend time with–and indeed he does. He’s got tons of friends. But a dad sure is wreathed with smiles when he gets a generous heaping portion of that time.

Thanks, son.

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