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The Best Friends Locket

A divinely inspired friendship leads to another miracle

A silver locket cements a divinely inspired friendship.

One thing that always amazes me about Mysterious Ways stories? How they tend to lead to other “mysterious ways.” Like some sort of miraculous domino effect!

Here’s what I mean. A while back, we published a lovely story from writer Sharon Fulham about how she was divinely led to meet her best friend, Darlene. (You can read that wonderful story here.) A year after it was published, Sharon sent me a note about the miraculous aftermath of the story. Here’s what she said:

“When I received payment for writing my Mysterious Ways story, I split the amount with Darlene, since she was featured in the story. I placed my half of the fee, $75, in a tiny jewelry box and mailed Darlene a personal check for $75 to spend as she wished. She cashed her check and placed the money in a special place as well. We both thought it’d be fun to celebrate our story being published by each purchasing some sort of heart locket to remember the occasion.

“Seven months later, I flew from North Carolina to visit Darlene in Oregon. We searched department stores and quaint specialty shops for the perfect locket. There were many different necklaces, but they were either too expensive or didn’t have a spot to insert two photos into. I flew back to North Carolina empty-handed.

“Not sure where else to look, we turned to the Internet and stumbled upon just the right thing–two beautiful sterling silver photo heart lockets. They were way over our budget, $249.98 each! But, for whatever reason, they were on sale and, it turned out, an extra 25% off. That brought the price of each locket down to…$74.98.  

“We knew it was meant to be, just like our friendship. Darlene minimized the photo used in our magazine story and inserted it into each of our lockets. Then we engraved ‘Best Friends’ on the back.

“Finding just the right thing to celebrate our ‘mysterious ways,’ all while living 3,000 miles apart, was a lengthy process. But isn’t that what life is all about? It’s the adventures we live, love and remember. It’s the treasures and little miracles along the way that make our final destination more precious.”

Have you ever experienced a “mysterious ways” with your best friend? Share your story below or email us at

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