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Hope in Life And Death

A friend shows love of God throughout her life–and her death.

A friend whose life, even death, was filled with hope.

My friend and former colleague Florence went home to be with the Lord a few days ago. She touched my life with her faith and love. Sadly, last summer she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but I was blessed to talk with her several times before she passed away.

The last conversation we had was about three weeks ago. We took a trip down memory lane as we talked about funny experiences from the past. With her wonderful sense of humor, she made it easy to laugh. One story we recalled took place many years ago at a Guideposts event. I was wearing a pink tie with my blue suit when a woman approached me and said, “You are wearing a Donald tie.” I was puzzled by this statement. I didn’t know what she meant.

Florence was nearby so I turned to her and said, “This lady just told me that I am wearing a Donald tie. Did she mean Donald Duck?” Florence burst out into her beautiful laughter and said, “No, a Donald Trump tie.” I wasn’t aware that this was one of the color ties he wears. I was clueless, but her reaction made me laugh, and we never forgot that moment.

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Florence brought a spirit of joy into every conversation. Even when she knew that death was knocking at her door, she never lost her joy and love for others and, most importantly, for the Lord. When she was first diagnosed with terminal cancer she said to me “I’m ready to go home. I was blessed to live this long. I had a good life. The Lord has been good to me.”

There was no fear in her voice then or when I spoke with her last. With each breath she took, Florence infused love, faith and hope. Florence’s desire was to finally be in the Lord’s presence and with loved ones. She lived and died holding onto the promises of God through faith, and I admired that.

When we find ourselves facing life’s challenges and even death, what holds us together matters. Is Christ your solid rock? Please share with us.

Lord, may You be our solid rock in life and death. 

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