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Hidden Messages from God

When I read my Bible each day, I discover sweet promises that He gave me in difficult times, verses with “tried and proven” written next to them. 

Hidden Messages from God

I was curled up on the couch late one night enjoying the quiet and a really great book when I read something that made me sit up quickly and burst into laughter. You see, midway through that book there was a message that had been written just for me and a few of my friends.

Lynette Eason is one of my favorite authors. She writes romantic suspense books that make me stay up reading well past my bedtime. She’s also a dear friend and my roomie when we travel for conferences and conventions.

We’ve spent many hours hanging out together after long days of conference sessions, especially when we’re both on faculty for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. We’ve been at that conference for so many years that it’s like a family reunion when we get together, and there are about 15 of us who sit up late every night each year laughing and telling tales. And that’s what led to the hidden message in one of Lynette’s books.

On one of those late nights at Blue Ridge, one of the men told a hilarious story about grits and a guy named Randy who made the best grits he’d ever eaten. That happened several years ago, but whenever any of us are together, the story usually comes up, accompanied by deep belly-laughs.

So now you’ll understand why I burst into laughter and squealed, “Oh, no, she did not!” when I read a scene in Lynette’s book about a café named Randy’s, where he served the best grits in town. Lynette writes her books for thousands of people, but there are only about 15 people on the planet who will read that scene and realize there’s a message hidden just for us.

You know, it’s the same way with God’s Word. He wrote it for everyone, but inside the pages are messages hidden just for me . . . and for you. When I read my Bible each day, I discover sweet promises that He gave me in difficult times, verses with “tried and proven” written next to them.

I can turn to the book of Psalms and see the verse “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee,” that He gave me on a day when I was having scary medical tests. When I read back through Daniel, Esther and Job, I find stories that inspire me to do more for Him.

I can look through my Bible and see page after page with verses underlined and notes jotted down in the margins next to sweet verses of comfort or encouraging passages of Scripture that God’s given to me during the years I’ve worked to reach my dreams for Him.

Sweet messages just for me. Just because He loves me.

Have you discovered the hidden messages from God? Spend some time in His Word and I promise you that you’ll find priceless hidden nuggets waiting just for you.

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