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A Military Mom in Training

Preparing spiritually as a son plans to enlist in the military.

A military mom prepares for her son's enlistment

Enlisting in the military wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision for our son. He began talking about the military as a career option his junior year in high school. He investigated the different branches and talked to those who had served. Once he’d made the choice in his mind, he still had to finish his senior year of high school before he could officially join.

He began that year of waiting strong, working out daily as he began to get into top physical condition for what was ahead. He spent over an hour each day in the gym, as well as time outside running and working on his endurance.

His father and I expected his initial excitement and commitment to wane as he got caught up in the typical senior year activities. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though he kept up an active social life, he didn’t let anything come between him and training.

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He ran in the heat, the rain and the freezing cold. He worked out daily, no matter what temptations crossed his path. When I asked him about it, his reply stuck with me. “I don’t know exactly what I’ll be facing. I want to make sure I do everything now to be as ready as possible.”

Such wisdom in one so young.

His words echoed in my mind over the months of his preparation. God used them to inspire my own kind of conditioning routine. I wasn’t training for a physical challenge—my battle would be a spiritual one.

I knew that sending a son off to war was one of the hardest things I’d ever face as a mother, and I had some getting ready to do too. I could have just buried my head in the sand or let the day-to-day things of life keep me distracted. Instead, I began my own workout routine.

I spent more time each day in prayer. I started every day and ended every evening with time reading my Bible. I also began sharing my concerns and fears with others who’d been where I was about to go, so they could help me understand what was coming.

My son and I both met our challenges and came through the other side. It wasn’t always easy—for either of us—but our training made it possible to keep going when things got tough. I learned that God gives us opportunities to get ready for what’s ahead. He provides the tools—and the people in our lives—to prepare us for life’s battles. By using the time He’s given us now for preparation, we’ll be ready for what’s to come.

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