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The Best Part of a Family Vacation

A grandmother recounts the moments that really mattered during a recent trip.

Family vacation

My family—my husband and myself, our three sons and their wives, and our six grandchildren—just returned home from a nine-day vacation that included four days at Disney World. We had a big time riding roller coasters and other attractions, meeting the characters, eating our way around the world in Epcot, and enjoying a variety of shows. My husband and I enjoyed watching our children as they watched their children enjoy the wonders of Disney.

We shopped together at the outlet mall and Disney Springs, knocking some Christmas gifts off our lists. And on one of our days off from the parks at Disney, we hopped on the monorail and toured the various resorts on the property, driving to those we couldn’t reach by the monorail.

It was all wonderful, and we had loads of fun. But the simple joys (that really weren’t so simple) were what made the trip special to me. Things like little hands tucked in mine as we waited in line for rides. Adorable faces looking up at me as they asked to “shop” in Grandmama’s snack bag. Sleepy grandbabies on my lap, their heads snuggled on my shoulder.

There were toddlers fresh from their baths and wrapped in towels. Sweet hugs and kisses at bedtime. Snuggles in the morning with not-quite-awake little ones. And, oh my, the infectious giggles as the six young cousins played and enjoyed their time together.

There was the joy of having all our children and grandchildren under one roof—a treasure now that our sons are grown and gone. As we sat around the dining room table at dinner one night, I soaked in the scene as everyone talked and laughed. So much love in one room.

Yes, Disney was awesome. But even more wonderful was the time with family…making memories to last a lifetime…deepening the bonds that are already there…and enjoying all the simple joys that are priceless beyond words. 

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