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Living Faith in Front of Your Family

A grandchild remembers her most precious inheritance.

Living faith in front of your family

Do any of you have fond memories of growing up on the farm or visiting your grandparents there? I loved helping my Granny and Grandpa with their garden and feeding the chickens—and I especially enjoyed the results of our labor when Granny fixed Sunday dinner. I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from my new devotional book, Devotions from the Farmhouse, co-authored with Linda Gilden. 

Laney had wonderful memories of days she’d spent at her great-grandfather’s old farmhouse. They’d shared many delicious meals there with platters piled high with Granny’s fried chicken and biscuits. Laney remembered playing checkers on the porch with Grandpa, taking Sunday afternoon naps in front of the fireplace, and the laughter as uncles, aunts and cousins played tag and ate Grandpa’s famous hand-churned ice cream. 

But the times that still made her tear up were the memories of the mornings she walked into the kitchen and saw her Grandpa reading his dog-eared Bible. The countless times he’d pulled her close and prayed for her with tears on his cheeks. The days when she’d hear Granny singing hymns as she worked in the kitchen. There was a sweet security in those moments.  

Her great-grandparents had gone to heaven many years ago, but every time Laney walked through the front door of that house, warm memories wrapped around her as if Granny had draped one of her handmade quilts around her shoulders.

Laney’s recollections of her grandparents were precious. When they died, they left her a little money and some gorgeous heirloom furniture that Grandpa had made, but Laney considered the best treasures were that they’d taught her by example about life, Jesus and love.

What will your loved ones remember about you someday? Will they talk about a man or woman who loved God? Will they remember your faithful example? In the midst of your busy days, take time to live your faith in front of your family. That will be the most cherished inheritance you could ever leave them.

Remember the former things, those of long ago… (Isaiah 46:9)

Used with permission from BroadStreet Publishing. 

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