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A God Who Meets Us at Our Level

Guideposts blogger Michelle Cox likes to connect with her small grandchildren at their level, just like God meets us.

A God who meets us at our level, eye to eye.

On a recent visit to my son Jason’s house, he admonished me, “Mom, if your back has been bothering you so much, you shouldn’t be sitting on the floor.”

He was probably right, but I have good reasons for plopping onto the floor instead of a comfy chair when I visit my grandchildren. There’s something special about being at their level.

When I sit on the floor with them, they run to get their dolls or balls so I can play with them. Or they bring me a book to read to them. They sit on my lap, nestling their heads on my shoulder, or they come and fling themselves into my arms, dispensing oh-so-precious hugs and kisses. That’s well worth a little bit of discomfort!

When our whole family was on vacation at Disney World recently, I noticed I wasn’t the only who’d realized the value of meeting the kids at their level. With six children in the house (ages six years to 20 months), the noise level had risen one afternoon as the young cousins got a bit rowdy.

I watched Jason call Ava over. Then he squatted down so they could see eyeball-to-eyeball. I couldn’t hear what he said, but in a couple of minutes I saw her nod, and when the kids started playing again, things were much quieter.

I noticed his bending down to her level several times throughout that week–sweet moments when he’d lean down to tell her he had spotted one of the Disney characters up ahead or when he’d sit down beside her just to enjoy the sparkle in her eyes as she watched a show or parade. His love for his little girl was so evident.

And in my soul, I heard God whisper, “That’s why I come down to your level.” I’m so grateful for that…and overwhelmed. He is such a big and mighty God that I’d never reach His level, yet He loves me enough to come close and to be near me—and you.

It’s my joy to sit on the floor and play with my beloved grandbabies. I wonder if God feels the same delight when He spends time with us?

Somehow, I suspect He does.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

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