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Four Ways Volunteer Vacations Build Strong Families

Guideposts staffer Lenore Lelah Person took her family to the U.S. Virgin Islands to volunteer on the trail crew in a national park there. Here she shares four ways that volunteer vacations can build stronger families.

Guideposts: A pair of team leaders instruct a group of volunteers of all ages

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Being with a group of people of various ages is a welcome break for children and the social pressures they face each day. It is an opportunity for empowerment and acceptance, and brings out strengths they didn’t know they possessed.

Guideposts: A young girl holds a trash bag open while a group of volunteers places tree trimmings in it.

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Working as a team—one that Mom or Dad is not the captain of—brings family members together.

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Guideposts: A smiling young couple work as a volunteer servers for charity.

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Volunteering to do what you love is restorative; it replenishes your soul and helps you be available for others. Trail crew isn’t for everyone; do what helps you find God in the world.

Guideposts: A young boy watches the sunset over the ocean from under a thatch beach umbrella

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Taking the opportunity to disconnect from social media allows you to be present for the people you are with. We got lucky on St. John; the work was done for us when we decided not to pay for the expensive wi-fi.

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