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Easy Brunch Ideas for a Sparkling Mother’s Day

Just a little effort will show your mom how much you treasure her.

Mother's Day brunch
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Mother’s Day brunch is a beloved tradition, right up there with breakfast in bed as a way to enjoy delicious, nourishing food and show Mom she is treasured and valued in the family. 

While it’s fun to go out to a restaurant, a simple at-home brunch is a great alternative, whether for a small group or a broader gathering to honor aunts, grandmas, cousins, neighbors or friends. Food magazines and television shows overflow with crafty, creative and sumptuous spreads of brunch food and décor. But I’ve found that less is sometimes more, and with some simple special touches, your Mother’s Day celebration will sparkle and impress.

Lean into Both “Br” and “Unch”
A spectacular brunch table features items that bridge the gap between “breakfast” and “lunch” to elevate the meal to a one-stop double-whammy. A baked egg casserole is hearty enough to meet both needs. Or a platter of French toast could pair with a cheese tray to offer sweet and savory, breakfast and lunch, options for your guests. A recent favorite of mine is to blister shishito peppers in a cast iron skillet, and serve warm with a yogurt dipping sauce. 

Make a Fruit Rainbow
A natural, delicious and celebratory ingredient in any brunch spread is a fruit salad. Lusciously colorful berries, plus chunks of apple, stone fruits like peaches, or sliced banana can combine into a rainbow-explosion. Or you can create a simple yet show-stopping platter by grouping your fruits by color to create a literal rainbow on the table.

Decorate Your Beverages
Festive drinks require neither alcohol nor expensive accessories to sparkle and be worthy of a toast to Mom. Plop a fresh raspberry into each cube of an ice cube tray, fill with water and elevate your glass of lemonade or still or sparkling water with a sweet, colorful surprise. Garnish your glasses with a bracing sprig of mint for a pop of green. Or serve any drinks in a special glass to underscore the fact that Mother’s Day is a celebration.

Finally, take your time to enjoy the opportunity to be together with the mothers you love—or the mother you are. Whether at brunch, on Mother’s Day or any old day of the year, you deserve to be celebrated with joy and love.

What are your favorite brunch dishes?

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