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A Father’s Day Celebration of Faith

How fathers lead by love and faith.

Faith of our fathers

In many families, mothers are the spiritual force, but let us not forget the faith of our fathers,  often in the background while others lead from the front. On this Father’s Day, I remember the lessons from my father, Pablo, who continues to volunteer at the church food pantry and encourages those down on their luck. He taught me to make the most of my faith and God and life’s second chances. He is always praying for his children, offering counsel and teaching us to follow our call in life. 

My Uncle Felix, who passed away several years ago, showed me how to stand up for my convictions but never to let them get in the way of loving others. Uncle Adolfo, also home with the Lord, was an example of a man who adhered to the calling of God in his life and had an impact upon thousands. But he never forgot to love and care for his family. These men lived their faith and showed me how to love my family, work hard and have higher dreams for my children.

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In Scripture, one of the great parables in the Gospel depicts a loving father who sees his prodigal son, from a distance, returning home. He runs out to welcome his son with open arms and throws a party for the one who was lost but now found. His other son, the one who stayed home and worked, took offense at the celebration for the brother who had left. But his father reminded him that everything he had belonged to both his sons. This is a great example of love in action and also illustrates the unconditional love God has for all His children. 

We don’t all have the same kind of family experiences, but wherever you can find love from a father or father figure, let’s honor their faith on Father’s Day.

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