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9 Spiritual Instructions for My Heirs

Guideposts blogger Michelle Cox points out that the most important inheritance you’ll leave your family is spiritual. She shares 9 inspirational things she has learned and wants to leave behind for her children and grandchildren.

What spiritual lessons are you leaving behind for your family?

What would you do if you inherited a massive collection of full-sized military tanks, Winston Churchill’s dentures, or the oldest baseball card in existence? My husband has me hooked on a television program called Strange Inheritance. I enjoy history, and I love observing human nature, so I’ve been intrigued.

We watched an episode recently where a dad had accumulated a massive collection of antique cars that he’d passed down to his children. The estate was worth a lot of money—which should have been a blessing—but it led to differences of opinion among the sibling heirs.

Two of them wanted to keep the collection due to their sentimental attachment. The other two wanted to sell everything. They were civil about it, but it was a problem.

Then the host of the show posed a question I’d heard her ask many times before, “Did your dad (or mom) give you instructions about what to do with the collection after they were gone?”

In every case, the answer was that they hadn’t—and it often left a sticky situation for the family.

And then I heard God whisper, “Have you left behind instructions for your loved ones?” 

So here are some things that God has taught me that I want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren:

1)  Serve Him. That’s the most important thing you’ll ever do.

2)  Love your family. Make them your priority. The years go by swiftly, so make sure you seize the moment and make memories.

3)  Do for others. Be an encourager. Become the person who others will call when they need somebody to pray for them.

4)  Remember that time is one of your most precious commodities. Spend it wisely.

5)  There’s nothing wrong with making money but don’t let that take over your life at the expense of those you love. Having money makes life easier, but someday you’ll discover it’s one of the least valuable things in your life.

6)  Forgive, even when it’s hard to do. Bitterness will hurt you more than the other person.  

7)  Laugh often. Laugh until your stomach is sore. It truly is the best medicine.

8)  Live your life in a manner where when you’re no longer here, people will talk about how much you loved God, your family and other people.

9)  Don’t fuss over “things” when I’m gone. Your relationship with your family members is much more priceless.

If you do all these things, when you come to the end of your days you’ll realize that you are one of the richest persons on the face of the planet.

What kind of instructions do you want to leave behind for your family today?

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