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Inception: Guilt, Grief and Redemption

It struck me what a stirring personal growth movie this was…with love, guilt and redemption all thrown in to the pot.

A still from Inception

Just saw the film, Inception, last weekend and as the credits rolled at the end, it struck me what a stirring personal growth movie it was. 

Let’s be clear, it’s a strange hybrid: a blend of film noir atmosphere, James Bond explosions, Matrix-like special effects, and an emotional subplot to appeal to the female demographic.  

There’s a convoluted plot about a team of dream tamperers journeying down levels of consciousness led by Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). Cobb is a thought thief (really!), who wrestles with guilt and grief over his wife’s suicide as he and his buddies try to plant a thought in someone’s unconscious so he can see his kids again. It’s also a story about the need to let go, the longing for home, and the futility of guilt. 

So brace yourself for LOTS of shoot ’em up, bang bang, KAPOWees. But the movie will make good on its promise of a certain amount of substance, offering food for thought about love, the nature of reality, and the point at which grief becomes self-destructive. 

Check out the trailer.

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