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5 Guideposts Books Centered Around Strong Women Characters

Celebrate Women’s History Month with these books featuring women who inspire us with their strength, intelligence, kindness, and faith.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” The same can be said for the women in these Guideposts books. Whether they are solving mysteries, connecting with God, or helping each other out, these are women you’ll want to know better.

View from the Lighthouse book cover (Guideposts)

1 of 6 'The View From The Lighthouse' by Melody Carlson

Diane Spencer has just moved to beautiful Marble Cove, Maine, to start a new life and to finally write that novel. There she meets her neighbors: Shelley, a young mom trying to make ends meet; Margaret, a friendly artist; and Beverly, a reserved businesswoman. The four women soon discover that they have all survived a miraculous brush with death and have been given a second chance at life. Is this just a coincidence? Or has God brought them together for a reason? One evening, as Diane is taking a walk along the rocky shore, she sees something strange: a flash from the Orlean Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse has been deserted for decades. Is Diane seeing things? But when her three friends see the mysterious light too, they begin to realize that God has a plan for them.

Check out more books in the Miracles of Marble Cove series.

The Ark Builder's Wife book cover (Guideposts)

2 of 6 'The Ark Builder's Wife' by Tracy Higley

Noah has been preaching about the coming destruction of the world for years, as he builds a monstrous ship in the middle of his grain field. But Zarah, Noah’s wife and mother to their three sons, wonders why God would speak to her. Her hidden past, as a captive in a pagan temple, has led her to believe she is damaged and unworthy. But then, son Shem’s wife, Salbeth, is abducted by the same cult of the pagan moon-god that Zarah once belonged to, and only she can find a way to bring the girl back home. Can Zarah prove her worth to her family by confronting and confessing the dark secrets of her past and rescuing Salbeth before the rain begins, and the world as they know it comes to an end?

Read other books in the Ordinary Women of the Bible series.

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Society of Second Chances book cover (Guideposts)

3 of 6 'The Society of Second Chances' by Deborah Raney

Welcome to Hope Valley, Kentucky, where a mysterious benefactor has called together four women to become a covert team of angels in this tiny town. Helen Janway, Rachel Hooper, Jennifer Stanton, and Evelyn Richmond receive an invitation, a check to cover expenses and a request to set off on a secret mission to help a young woman in need of God’s love, grace, and mercy. The Society’s first mission:  help Harmoni Branaham—a young woman just released from prison. While the women discuss how to earn Harmoni’s trust and help her find her true purpose in life, Rachel worries that her newfound friends may uncover her darkest secret.

Read this inspiring journey and discover why a second chance often works out better than the first.

Another's Treasure book cover (Guideposts)

4 of 6 'Another’s Treasure' by Nancy Mehl

Meet the Classen sisters: Mary is a free-spirited woman searching for a way to heal her broken heart and make a fresh start in life; Elizabeth, the eldest, is a bit of a homebody who lovingly cared for her parents until they passed; and Martha is a natural beauty who loves baking mouthwatering treats for her sisters and their flea market customers. Follow the sisters as they run Secondhand Blessings, located on a farmstead owned by the Classen family for decades. It is a place not only to be blessed, but to bless others with unique and beautiful keepsakes. Little do the sisters suspect the shelves of their barn-turned-store is filled to the rafters with hidden mysteries.

Follow the Classen sisters in the Mysteries of Lancaster County series.

Family Secrets book cover (Guideposts)

5 of 6 'Family Secrets' by Becky Melby

In the historic town of Marietta, Ohio, a trio of good friends stumble across an empty historic waterfront stone building that is for sale. An aging bronze plaque on the doorpost marks the building as once being a pre-Civil-War stop on the Underground Railroad. On a whim, LuAnn Sherrill, Tess Wallace, and Janice Eastman start to imagine what a beautiful bed-and-breakfast this could be. While remodeling, they come across hidden passages filled with secrets and surprises; soon—they’re busy solving mysteries. As the trio are drawn further and further into the mysteries of the inn and the town, each one finds her own personal faith enriched—in both God and humankind.

Enjoy more mysteries with the Secrets of Wayfarer’s Inn series.

Ordinary Women of the Bible, Book 1

6 of 6 A Guideposts Fiction Series: Ordinary Women of the Bible

Ordinary Women of the Bible is a one-of-a-kind series that brings you page-turning stories enriched with biblical and historical facts, which allow you to see how God called on everyday women to work His will. These groundbreaking stories are a thrilling way to experience God’s love and power.


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Extraordinary Women of the Bible

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