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A Year on a Positive Path

Highlights of living an authentically positive life.

A year of living positively

I’m a big believer in celebrating milestones, big and small. And today I’m blowing party horns and throwing virtual confetti over a big one—this blog, A Positive Path, is exactly one year old! Twice each week for the past year, I’ve explored the idea that life is better, richer, fuller and more joyful when approached with a positive mindset.

If there’s one theme that’s emerged throughout this journey, it’s authenticity. We might be walking a positive path, but we are walking it through the real world, and that world has challenges, frustrations and heartbreaks along with beauty, love and happiness. Being honest about and accepting of our full spectrum of emotions, circumstances and experiences is, in my view, an important part of living positively. Our positive paths lead us to respond to life’s ups and downs as our best, most complete selves. I’m honored to share the journey with you. 

So happy anniversary to us! To keep the celebration going, I’m sharing some of the posts I’m most proud of from our first year together. Please share any that have helped you walk your positive path! 

3 Tips for Enjoying Sugar in Moderation
I have loved exploring healthy recipes that highlight a nutritional and soul-nourishing aspect of positive living. This one was my opportunity to look more deeply at my relationship with sugar in a way that didn’t require me to abandon it altogether!

‘The Star-Thrower’ and the Difference You Can Make
The idea that any act of kindness, no matter how small, makes a difference springs to life in this famous story. This summer, I found myself coming back to its positive teachings again and again.

Letting the Squirrels Have Their Fill
I love bringing my readers into my garden and mini-orchard, mining the soil and plants for tidbits of wisdom on everything from patience to compassion. My relationship with my neighborhood squirrel population was a springboard to a number of meaningful lessons about all nature has to teach us.

4 Reminders to Keep Your Positive Thinking Honest
A downside to positive thinking? Who knew? I loved learning about some common-sense limits to put on that upbeat outlook to protect both your emotional authenticity and, in some cases, your physical health. 

Welcome to A Positive Path
My very first post still gets my inspirational juices flowing! I’m also still in love with the title for the blog—I very intentionally do not refer to the positive path because we are each walking in our own shoes, in our own bodies, driven by our own minds. I treasure the opportunity to share my path with you, and to learn from yours!

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