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6 Positive Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

How small jobs yield big results.

Picking peaches

I have a small stand of fruit trees in my side yard, and this year, the peach tree in particular had an epic yield. We stopped counting the harvest at 347 peaches from the one single—dwarf—tree! As I shared bag after bag of ripe peaches with neighbors and friends, I couldn’t help thinking with pleasure of how I was inviting them to literally enjoy “the fruits of my labors.” 

Now, how much actual “labor” had gone into this tremendous peach harvest? I use organic methods, so there had been no spraying or fertilizing to do. I had pruned the tree (severely) in the early spring, true. But really, the most intensive part of the work of producing the trove of fruit was simply the act of planting the tree, something I did eight years ago.

The joy of my embarrassment of peachy riches got me thinking about other everyday labors that yield tremendous fruits. On this Labor Day, check in with your daily routines to see how many of these—and how many others—resonate with seemingly small tasks you complete, to reap great benefits.

1)  Fruit: When today’s mail arrived, you had someplace to put it.
     Labor: You set up a desk or counter space to help keep yourself organized.

2)  Fruit: You shared an enjoyable meal with your family.
     Labor: You went to the store and made a plan for what would be good to eat this week.

3)  Fruit: You had a fun summer vacation.
     Labor: You made reservations and researched activities at your destination.

4)  Fruit: You drove somewhere and dealt calmly with an unexpected traffic jam.
     Labor: You stopped at the gas station and were prepared with a full tank.

5)  Fruit: You know what time it is.
     Labor: You correctly “sprung forward” to Daylight Savings Time back in March.

6)  Fruit: You navigated a difficult situation with grace and calm.
     Labor: You have been gradually and successfully building your toolbox of positive life skills. 

These might see like small things, micro “accomplishments” that hardly warrant celebrating. But though not all labor is paid, it’s worth noting that if you look closely enough, you can feel that all labor does bear fruit.

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