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20 Unique Lent Gifts

Help your loved ones begin the 2023 Lent season with a meaningful gift to refresh their prayers.

Palm crosses lying on palm leaves as lent gifts
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The 2023 Lent season is upon us. While this holy time usually includes giving something up, we can also use it as a time to connect more closely with God through prayer. Help your loved ones boost their prayer life this Lent with one of these unique Lent gifts.  

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

Lenten Prayer CubeLenten Prayer Cube lent gift sitting on a table $6.99

Prayer cubes are a great way to refresh your prayer life. This wooden, six-sided Lenten prayer cube is a great tool for the Lent season. Simply roll the cube when you need a prayer and let the chosen side guide you through your talk with God. Each prayer, some of them based on the Psalms, leads you to a place of penitence and joyful anticipation for Easter Sunday. This prayer cube can also be a fun way to introduce prayer and Lent to your child. Buy at Amazon.com

The Lenten CookbookCover of the Lenten Cookbook lent gift $24.34

Not sure what to cook during Lent? This unique cookbook was written by an award-winning chef and former Vatican Swiss Guard. It includes 75 recipes that were written with the Lenten season in mind. From hearty stews to zesty salads, you’re sure to find meals the whole family will enjoy as you sit down to break your fast. Inside you will also find beautiful reflections by a biblical scholar on the meaning of Lent. Buy at Amazon.com

Lent Pocket Coin Gifts $12.99Pocket coins lent gifts

This pocket coin is a way to hold onto your faith during Lent. Keep it in your pocket and reach for it whenever you need to lean on God’s guidance or use it as a prayer reminder so you remember to take some time to speak with God once a day. These gold-plated coins make the perfect Lent gifts for friends and family that need a tangible way to hold onto God’s divine peace. You can order one for yourself, or a whole set to pass out to loved ones right when they need it. Buy at Amazon.com

Lenten Candle Holder $53.00 Lenten candle holder with lit candle lent gifts

This beautiful candle holder is the a wonderful gift for any home observing the Lenten season. Made of resin stone, it holds five candles for each Sunday of Lent, as well as one holder for Good Friday. The center of it depicts the cross with the Lent symbols of Christ’s purple robe, crucifixion nails, and the crown of thorns. The size is ideal for placing this Lent candle holder on a shelf, mantle, or table. Families can light each candle together while reading a Lent devotional. Buy at Amazon.com  

The Art of LentCover of The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett lent gifts $17.00

Dive into each day of Lent like never before with this gorgeous art book. Written by Sister Wendy Beckett, the British nun known for her BBC shows on art history, this book depicts forty pieces of art for every day of Lent. Each artwork includes insights from Sister Wendy that will lead you to understand art and Lent on a deeper spiritual level. As art historian Janina Ramirez writes, “For those who want to appreciate the spirituality behind some of the world’s greatest works of art, this book will be hugely inspiring―not only during Lent but at any time of the year.” Buy at Amazon.com  

Lent Prayer Journal $11.76
Lent prayers gift journal

This prayer journal with its stunning purple color is an excellent addition to your ideas for Lent gifts. It features over 180 pages of guiding prayers and motivational Scripture, as well as space for you to journal your own thoughts and prayer requests during Lent. Buy at Amazon.com. The modern design includes: 

  • Beautiful gold foil cover design 
  • Gold spiral and corner protectors 
  • Lays flay (easy to write in) 
  • High-quality paper stock 


Lent Rosary BraceletLent gift rosary bracelet with purple beads $9.83

Give this rosary bracelet as a gift or buy one for yourself as you enter the Lenten season. Its adjustable size makes works for anyone in your life, from kids to teenagers to adults. The simple design allows you to pull a bead toward the cross as you pray throughout Lent. This gift also comes with a prayer card so you can let your prayers be guided to a closer connection with God. Buy at Amazon.com

Ash Wednesday House and Garden Flags $74.24Ash Wednesday house and garden flags lent gifts

Celebrate the beginning of Lent at home with these beautifully made Ash Wednesday flags. With one for your home and one for your garden, you can be reminded of the reason for the season anywhere. The double-sided flags are made in the U.S.A. and depict Lent symbols like a cross, ashes, and the green Lent palm fronds. Give this flag set as a gift to your family, friends, neighbors, or even yourself. Buy at Amazon.com  

Palm Sunday Palm CrossesPalm Sunday palm crosses lent gifts $20.95

These palm crosses are handmade with real Palmyra palm. All proceeds from the sales go toward Boys Town Society, a child welfare organization outside of Madurai. These large palm crosses are the perfect thing to bring to church on Palm Sunday. Pass them out to members of your family, friends, or the whole congregation as Lent gifts. As one reviewer wrote, “Having folded… many palms into crosses on Palm Sundays, I have never seen palm crosses as even and beautiful as these.” Buy at Amazon.com 

Lent Season Gifts Tote Bag $17.98 Lent gifts tote bag with flower illustrations and scripture

Have a greener Lent with this reusable tote bag. Instead of using paper or plastic bags while out shopping, bring along this beautiful tote to carry anything you need. It’s optimal for carrying groceries, books, or anything else you take with you in your day to day. The design includes a piece of comforting Scripture (Philippians 4:8) as well as gorgeous illustrations of flowers that truly pop as we enter the Spring season. Buy at Amazon.com  

Flameless Candles for Lenten PrayersLent flameless candles gifts $17.99

Transform your prayer life during Lent with these flameless candles. The flickering effect gives them the feel of a real candle with the added perks of safety and no mess. The remote control lets you change the settings from afar and even put on a timer to remind you it is time for prayer. Put these flameless candles in any room of your house to slow your mind, sit in silence, and reach out to God for comfort. They are fitting for your own home or as Lent gifts for loved ones who are hoping to pray or meditate more. Buy at Amazon.com 

Lenten Cross Suncatchers for Kids $9.69 Lenten cross suncatcher for kids lent gift

Looking for a way to introduce your kids to Lent? Teach them about this holy season through a Lenten cross suncatcher they can color in themselves. Let them pick each color as you talk to them about the significance and importance of Lent. After the cross is complete, let them choose a spot in their room to put it so they can always be reminded of God’s presence on their lives. Be sure to add it to your Lent gifts shopping list for your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews. Buy at Amazon.com 

Lenten Bible Stories for Kids $7.99Take up the Cross book cover as kids lent gift

Take your kids on a journey through Scripture with this collection of Bible stories. Each story will teach your child more about the history and importance of Lent, with easy-to-read retellings and reflection questions so you and your kids can discuss together. This book is a great tool to help your kids grow closer to God and gives them the space to share their own thoughts on the Lenten season with you. Buy at Amazon.com  

Lent Prayer Tea Gift Collection $19.99Lenten prayer tea collection lent gifts

This beautiful tea set is the perfect way to start your mornings during Lent. The box is filled with individually wrapped tea bags with flavors like French vanilla, lemon honey, jasmine, mint, earl grey and English breakfast. They are a nice treat to sip on as you read Scripture, do your Lent prayers, or begin your Lenten fasting. Each tea bag also includes a touching Bible verse affirmation so you can enter each day of Lent with inspiration and hope. Buy at Amazon.com  

Daffodil Scented Soy CandleDaffodil soy candle lent gift $19.49

Daffodils—also called Lent lilies—are a common symbol during the Lenten season because they usually bloom around Ash Wednesday. Bring the feeling of Lent into your home with this daffodil scented soy candle. Crafted to burn for 49 hours and with a long-lasting scent, this candle is lovely to light when you are saying your Lent prayers or looking to unwind after the end of a long day. If you are looking for unique Lent gifts, add this one to your shopping bag. Buy at Amazon.com  

Daffodil Pressed Necklace $23.99 Daffodil pressed necklace lent gift

Give a loved one the gift of carrying a symbol of Lent with them wherever they go. This necklace design has pressed wildflowers, including daffodils (or Lent lilies). These beautiful flowers symbolize rebirth and hope, two themes we can keep close to our heart as the Lent season leads us to Easter Sunday. Purchasing this unique necklace helps support a small business, started by a stay-at-home mom. Buy at Amazon.com

Lent Rosary BeadsLent rosary beads lent gifts $35.99

These beautiful rosary beads are made of real amethyst, so the purple color is ideal for the Lent season. Each bead will lead you through your rosary or Lenten prayers. The length is just right so you can either wear it, hold it, hang it on your rearview mirror, or somewhere in your home. Let this beautiful Lent gift guide you or your loved ones’ prayers through the season from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Buy at Amazon.com  

Lent Prayer Card Tin $7.99Lenten Prayers tin lent gift

If you are making a list of Lent gifts for your loved ones, be sure to add this beautiful and durable prayer card tin. Prayer cards are a wonderful way to get your prayers out when you are struggling to express them. With 50 double-sided cards included, this tin can hold your Lent prayers after you write them. Start on Ash Wednesday and write a prayer every day during Lent. Then look back at them on Easter Sunday and give thanks for God’s work in your life. Buy at Amazon.com  

Lent Bible Cover Gift $26.50Purple bible cover lent gifts

Support a small business by buying this purple Bible cover, a wonderful addition to your Lent gifts list. The durable faux leather will protect your favorite Bible and the unique design includes Scripture (Proverbs 31:25) to inspire you. Get it with the first Bible you buy your child or grandchild or give it to a loved one who has a beloved Bible they want to keep safe. It includes a back pocket for a journal, a pen loop so you can always take notes, and a zipper so you can easily bring God’s word, including your favorite Lent Bible verses, with you wherever you go this Lent season. Buy at Amazon.com  


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