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Why You Can Rejoice in Each New Day

It’s not about having a life devoid of troubles. It’s about possibilities.

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One of my favorite Bible texts is, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) Each morning I pause to thank God, to feel joy at another day of life. On many Sunday mornings when I greet my church congregation from the lectern, I remind them that indeed this is the day the Lord has made.

I think we all want to be thankful every day and rejoice in it, although sometimes that can be difficult or even feel impossible. How to rejoice when grieving or troubled by life’s problems? Where is the joy in a day of pain or worries?

Being glad in the new day doesn’t mean that sorrow and challenges will not be present. It’s not about denying reality; life is hard. But I find joy in a fresh chance to experience the goodness of God—beginning with the sunrise that brings warmth and light after a night of darkness. I’m reminded that God has a purpose and plan for me every single day. It might be to encourage others, help my family or pray for someone in need. When I think of all the possibilities, I refuse to let my own troubles take away the joy of the Lord.

It’s knowing that we can depend and draw on His presence when solutions to life’s problems seem far away. When we are weak, His strength makes us strong. In the midst of the chaos of the day, His peace is greater and surpasses all human understanding and conditions.

We can all rejoice in a new day because we are not alone, and His presence will bring out the best in us. When we cannot see what to celebrate, we pray that His love will invade our thoughts.  Every single day we can experience this. Do you believe that today can be amazing?

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