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These 7 Adorable Animal Photos Will Put a Smile on Your Face

These photos are our way of wishing you a New Year full of happiness and blessings.

 Enjoy these fun facts paired with charming images of joyful animals.

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A joyful seal flopping around on the beach

1 of 7 Let the Good Times Roll

Seals are agile and acrobatic in the water but clumsy on land. That didn’t stop this young seal from flopping around on the beach like it’s the best day ever.

Snowy owl sitting on the ground

2 of 7 Give a Hoot

Snowy owls like to sit on or near the ground. Even when they are flying, they stay low, closer to prey.

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Two penguin chicks happily running on the grass field

3 of 7 Waddle This Way

A penguin’s distinctive gait might look inefficient to us, but rocking side to side helps it recover up to 80 percent of the energy expended on each stride.

A smiling ostrich with grass in its nib

4 of 7 All Smiles

The ostrich has the largest eyes of any land animal. Its diet consists mostly of plants but it will also eat insects and small reptiles.

Horse sticking out its tongue

5 of 7 Blowing in the Wind

How can you tell if a horse is happy? Its nostrils are soft and rounded, its lower jaw is relaxed and its loose tail swishes freely and gently.

Ginger kitten raising his paws

6 of 7 Sweet Dreams

Cats average 15 hours of sleep a day. They are crepuscular (from the Latin word for twilight), most active at dawn and dusk.

A male Asian elephant enjoying a bath

7 of 7 Splash!

Did you know elephants are great swimmers? They migrate across rivers and lakes. They love to bathe too, like this guy enjoying his solo soak.

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