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The Blessing of Breath

Gratitude for being able to breathe.

The blessing of breathe

I don’t have them often, but I woke up with an asthma attack last night. I was awake for more than an hour while I used my inhaler and sipped a cup of something hot. I finally dosed back off, and then a few hours later, I woke up with a second asthma attack that was worse than the first one. 

I’m really tired this morning since my sleep was so interrupted last night, but the first thought on my heart this morning was gratitude. That might seem odd because asthma attacks aren’t really fun. But you see, I can’t remember the last time I remembered to thank God for the air I breathe. I did that this morning. 

What a gift to breathe normally each day, to inhale the aroma of bread baking or a pot of fudge simmering on the stove. What a privilege to enjoy the sweet scent of fresh flowers as I walk down the road or as I meander through the floral department of our grocery store. What a gift to inhale the crisp air of a fall day or to enjoy the sweet aroma of grandbabies fresh from their baths.

And I usually take all of that for granted. I suspect I’m not the only one. 

So today, I want to challenge you to do what I’m doing: Walk around and intentionally look for the blessings of God—all those things that we so often take for granted. Let’s pause and really see how abundantly God has blessed us.

Lord, thank You for blessing my life in so many ways. I know I often don’t deserve those blessings, yet You love me and continue giving to me anyway. Open my eyes and make me see the overwhelming abundance. Give me a grateful spirit. Father, thank You for the air I breathe. Help me to never take that for granted again. Thank You for the breath to serve You and others. Remind me to put that to use for You each day. Amen.

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