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4 Keys to Thinking Positive About Your Resolutions

Having trouble sticking with your New Year’s resolution? Here are some tips for making a positive change in your life…from readers like you!

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It’s three weeks into the New Year, about the time most of us hit a bump in the road to keeping our resolutions. Do you need some positive motivation to stick with yours? Check out our newest blog, where three readers are sharing their struggles and successes with their New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve been following Debbie, Carm and Robin for inspiration. Their posts highlight some keys to thinking positive about—and achieving—the change you want to make in your own life, whatever it may be.

Start with awareness. For Robin, whose resolution is listen more attentively, the first step was to take note of when she wasn’t paying attention. Try that with the habit you want to change. Under what circumstances do you tend to veer off track? When you’re tired? Bored? Stressed? Trying to do too much? I bet, like Robin, you’ll notice some definite patterns. Once you pinpoint your trouble spots, you can come up with ways to combat them.

Plan ahead a little. Debbie’s goal is to sit down with her husband and kids for regular family dinners. With four kids and tons of activities, no wonder she feels overwhelmed making dinner after a long workday. She’s realized she needs to think ahead—plan several nights of dinners so she can do all the grocery shopping in one trip, and maybe even cook double batches of family favorites to freeze now and enjoy later. Be like Debbie and map out how you’ll stick with your resolution the next three days (or go for the whole week!). Put your plan on your to-do list, calendar, PDA, whatever reminder works for you.

Don’t let a slip-up make you give up. Carm is trying to stay on track with the good health and spiritual habits she started in 2009 to battle breast cancer. She’s lost more than 60 pounds so far with Weight Watchers and exercise. Last week she blogged about succumbing to temptation and eating some of the not-so-healthy food in the lunchroom at work. A slip-up, sure, but she didn’t beat herself up over it or say, “I’ll never stick to my resolution, I might as well give up now.” Instead, she noted the progress she’d made (she had smaller portions) and what she still has to work on (end-of-the-workday munchies). What a positive attitude! Way to go, Carm!

Ask for help. Debbie posted on Facebook about her resolution. Carm’s husband’s health issues were getting her down until she asked family, friends, coworkers and church members for prayers and for practical help. Robin let her husband and a few close friends in on her plans. I loved what Robin wrote this week: “I should know better than to think I have to do this by myself; God always sends help.” Tell someone else about the change you’re making so they can help hold you accountable. You can even return the favor and do the same for them.

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