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When You Can’t See a Way Out, God Can

A cash-strapped family finds unexpected help from their friends.

How God helps when you can't see a way out
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Sometimes circumstances hit us unexpectedly. That happened to my friend, Lori, recently when she drove to an out-of-town airport for her daughter’s flight for a mission trip. As Lori entered the exit ramp for the airport, she checked her mirror to merge right. Everything looked clear. But somehow Lori and another driver ended up colliding, and Lori was charged with the accident.

She posted on Facebook recently about this, and her post so touched my heart that I asked her if I could share it with you. Here’s what it said:

My insurance paid out over $2200 to the other driver to replace her side mirror, repair the side of her car and replace her bumper. My insurance premium has gone up 45%, and I was fined $238. I can’t do anything about the insurance hike. I can only contest the $238 if I want to. Kicker is, we’re a family that lives paycheck-to-paycheck. But God is awesome! And so are my friends. 

There was an envelope placed in my front door yesterday with my name on it. Nothing else on the outside to say who left it. But my daughter found it when she came home from school. I had her open it so I could continue getting ready for work and she stopped cold as soon as she opened it. 

I asked what was wrong and she pulled out a wad of cash. There was $231.25 in that envelope! Seeing that much cash, and the quarter (knowing someone gave all they had), sent me into tears. I’m tearing up again as I’m typing this. My God has always provided for me and my family. And He has blessed me with the best friends and family.

All the while I was beating myself up for being a bad driver and for causing a financial strain on my family, my God was telling me ‘Don’t sweat it. I’ve got this!’

I just love that.

Friends, maybe some of you are in a situation where you can’t see a way out. The good news is that God can. He’s never stumped by any of our problems. And—just as Lori learned—He knows exactly how to fix them.

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