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Inspiration from Guideposts Readers: 8/24/11

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday, and our readers were feeling very inspired this week! We’d like to share 14 inspiring comments from our Facebook page.

You were feeling very inspired this week! We’d like to share 14 inspiring comments from our Facebook page.

Cindy Williams Schrauben
I am inspired by the students in our college town headed back to class and the possibilities that learning offers.

Jackie Lynn
My inspiration comes from the folks in rehab trying to make the best of their days. God bless them all.

Jennie Hammerbacher
I am inspired by my beautiful four-year-old son! He is so open and willing to listen and learn. The open heart of a child is a great lesson for me!

Michelle Gillison Robinson
After this week’s earthquake, my family is what inspires me.

Jackie M Hoffman Wenrich
My daughter Katie, who began college on Monday, inspires me. She struggled in high school, but now instead of “I can’t” and “I won’t,” she says “I can” and “I will.”

Becky Selby Alexander
The end of summer and the hope of fall coming next!

Ann Ponder
Talking with people who share their faith with me, bringing strength to my consciousness. So grateful.

Sue Luken
My students inspire me. I teach special education, students with learning disabilities. Even though many of their school-related tasks are challenging, they demonstrate tenacity on a daily basis by coming in ready to learn and work.

Shanyn Silinski
Seeing God’s hand in the natural wonders around me.

Tina Nalley-Orsted
My mother. She lifts me and my family up in prayers, always has the right words and leaves me feeling ready to conquer the world!

Little Red Bird
This week I am inspired by the amazing signs and synchronicities that I am not alone. I have hope and love overflowing from my little heart!

Nona Woods
My disabled daughter inspires me every day. Sonya cross-stitches with one hand; though she is paralyzed on her right side, she does beautiful work.

Elizabeth Ballesteros Cain
I was inspired to pray for every passing car on my way to town this morning. I live in the country; for 15 minutes as I drove into town, I prayed for perfect strangers and my soul rejoiced!

Jo Anna Famous Harvey
I am inspired every day by my sister, Janet Wettig, in the fight for her life. I go with Janet for her radiation treatments and see so many battling cancer. I pray for them to stay strong and keep fighting…

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