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Inspiration from Guideposts Readers: 6/22/11

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose five comments from our Facebook page.

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose five comments from our Facebook page.

Sharon Millhouse Anderson
Our military always inspires me with their courage and compassion.

JoAnne Bennett
For more than 20 years, I’ve been searching for a picture of my father. I asked a woman selling yearbooks online if she could just check her annuals to see if there was possibly a picture of my now-deceased father or my deceased aunts. She took the time to check, and now a senior picture of one of my aunts from 1932 is in the mail. Since then another thoughtful couple selling yearbooks online asked if they could help me as well. Kindness goes a long ways in this world.

Shirley Brown Johnson
Lexie vs. Leukemia is one of my current inspirations. This little girl and her family have touched my heart deeply. So much so that I am finding ways to have my therapy dog, Ely, work with her despite the vast miles between us. Lexie has inspired me to make things happen to better her life.

Nikki and Sammy Bandy
Guideposts inspires me. After a long struggle with secondary infertility, today we found out that our IUI attempt didn’t work. After spending several hours in bed crying, I checked the mail to find my July issue of Guideposts, featuring the story on page 52 about Nia Vardalos’s struggle with infertility.

Dana Apple
Zeke inspires me. He was dumped on a rural highway five weeks ago; then I came along. He’s scared of everything—thunder, stairs, dogs, cats, men, me when I move too fast. If I tell him “no,” like “don’t growl at the cats,” he cowers and snivels and folds into himself. I tell him it’s all right, but it’s so hard for him to trust. He has clearly been abused. Today, when I got home and let him out after being gone for several hours, he was two beats shy of ecstatic, so we romped on the patio and I hugged him and he almost gave me a kiss.

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