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Inspiration from Guideposts Readers: 1/12/11

This week, we chose three comments from our Facebook page.

It’s What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose three comments from our Facebook page.

Debbie Kehoe Hudson
There is nothing quite like the joy and awe of watching a newborn grandchild! I am the proud grandmother (Nana) of a new baby boy named Benjamin Andrew, born last week. I have been staying with him and his parents since they came home from the hospital. God has given me new insights into his parental love as I watch the love of these new parents for this precious little one. And I see them with new eyes of love myself, recognizing the tender, careful love they have for him, and knowing intuitively that they will do anything they can to give him the best. Isn’t that just like our Heavenly Father as well?
ReBecca Poulsen
Queen Latifah. I just finished reading her book Put on Your Crown. I liked her before but after reading that book, I love and respect her so much more. It’s a must-read for everyone. Her views of life situations that you and I all deal with are so excellent.

Rhonda Watson Smith
My cousin, Penny. Her husband Marlin, in his 30s, is a teacher/youth minister in Texas and was diagnosed with cancer. He has had surgeries, treatments, etc. Now they are in Oregon with Marlin’s family, and their three girls, for treatments with another type of specialist. Through all of this, they have never lost their faith and trust in God. Penny even set up a special page on Facebook, so that everyone could join in praying, and for updates. Even though this family is going through some tremendous trials, their faith and commitment to God never waivers!

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