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Halloween Inspiration

I’ve seen a lot of angels, earth angels as well as animal angels.

I’m enjoying a Halloween weekend in New York looking for interesting, even inspiring costumes. I’ve seen a lot of angels, earth angels as well as animal angels.

There was a guy dressed up like Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, the word hero on his name plate. In the opposite vein, I saw a man dressed like a Jet Blue flight attendant yelling at people to put away their luggage and SIT DOWN. He had a beverage can in his hand but I won’t be more specific. There was also someone last night dressed like Noah, carrying a slide rule and asking if anyone knew what a cubit was.

We’ve had a few trick-or-treaters at the apartment door, which gets Millie riled up and happy, though she expects to receive treats rather than give them (Trick or Meat?). She barked like crazy when she saw a little witch on the street earlier.

Mostly I’ve tried to relax and do nothing this weekend. I’ve watched some football (too much, according to Julee) and now the World Series is on. I’m definitely rooting for the…well, I won’t say for fear of upsetting supporters of the opposition. Who are YOU rooting for? Post below. And while you are at it, tell me what you were for Halloween and if you saw any interesting or inspiring costumes.

Boo, everyone.

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