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At 100, He’s Still Skiing…and Even Racing!

This inspiring senior is still skiing and even racing competitively.

One of the greatest things about growing up in Western New York was the skiing, because there was snow most of the year!

When I was a child, I remember my father taking us to lessons. I took to the sport immediately. I loved it! My dad, on the other hand, found himself falling on the ground more than staying upright. I asked him why he was having trouble and he said “Son, when you’re an adult, you don’t pick up sports and languages quite as easily as when you’re a kid.” Now that I am an adult, I find that to be so true.

But maybe that’s not true for everybody. Lou Batori of Michigan is a downhill competition racer in the 70-Plus Ski Club in Northern Michigan who started racing competitively when he was 80! He also competes in NASTAR-sanctioned ski races — and, at 100 years old, he is NASTAR’s oldest skier. Ever!

Over the past 20 years, he has broken his ankle, wrist, ribs, knees, leg and tibia, but he just keeps on skiing. He loves it too much to stop due to any pesky injury.

Lou says, “I have often been asked what ski school I attended. My answer is always, ‘What flight school did the Wright brothers attend?’

“I’m always careful, except on Sunday mornings when I’m the only one [skiing]. Sanity goes out the window and you just point the tips and let them run.”

What an inspiration! He makes me miss my childhood, growing up slaloming down the steep hills outside of Buffalo. When I am 80, I will definitely make a point of taking up skiing again, thanks to Lou.

You can find out more about Lou from this CBS piece.

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