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A Week of Inspiration

This was a week of inspirational stories around the world—and at Guideposts.

This is a week, with the miraculous rescue of the Chilean mine workers, that will surely go down as one of the most inspiring in recent memory. Who was not riveted and uplifted by the live coverage of the 33 trapped miners being brought out one by one from what should have been their crypt? By God’s grace and by the hope, faith, prayers and determination of millions of people around the world, triumph was wrought from near tragedy.

It was one of the great survival stories of our time. In a world where taking life is all too common, saving the lives of 33 men assumed a global significance. Even North Korea featured live coverage of the rescue. Now there is a place that could use some hope and inspiration.   

Meanwhile this week the 15 winners of our writers workshop contest attended our biannual Guideposts Writers Workshop at Wainwright House in Rye, New York, where we editors taught them everything we know about writing real life inspirational stories. This year we had an especially strong group whose manuscripts were chosen from thousands of entries. We’ll do it again two years from now so it is definitely not too early for you to start thinking about what your inspiring story is. 

I want to recognize the winners this year and congratulate them on a fantastic week of learning about telling the first-person inspirational story. They are: Erika Bentsen, Lisa Bogart, Caroline Coleman, Renee Coy, Lori Durham, Lacie Graf Hansen, Elizabeth (Beth) Havey, Patty Huntsman, Andrea Johnson, Shauna Kattler, Ann Robinson, Marci Seither, Marilyn Turk, Jennifer Clark Vihal and Colette Warner.

Check out the group photo that was taken earlier today. Who knows, maybe you will be in it next time. Remember, it’s all about positive thinking and a positive attitude! 

Photo by Wagner Photos

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