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Standing on the Bedrock of Peace

When the world shakes and leaves us far from the peace we crave, it’s time to reorient ourselves.

Standing on the bedrock of peace.

Sometimes life comes at us hard and fast. It can plow through our peaceful surroundings, scattering all semblance of tranquility.

For military families these upheavals come with amazing regularity—and in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a simple change of duty station, to an unexpected deployment. Even when we think we’re prepared, the chaos of change can be staggering.

How do we regain our footing when life shakes us up?

We do it by building our lives on a foundation that can’t be shaken. God alone knows the beginning from the end. He alone knows what the future holds.

When the world shakes and leaves us far from the peace we crave, it’s time to reorient ourselves.

For me, the absence of peace is a wake-up call; it reminds me that I’ve been relying on my own strength. And when the future seems uncertain, relying on my strength leads me to imagine only the worst. I can envision the most horrific outcomes to the most mundane challenges.

But that isn’t a place that I need to go. I’m protected from the horrors of my imaginings by an all-seeing God. He never sleeps, and He never relaxes His vigilance on our behalf.


This doesn’t mean some of bad things I fear won’t happen—not in this world. But we have His promise that He will take those tragedies and turn them into good. He has our future well in hand. His peace will comfort us and cover us, no matter what the future holds.

So when we’re tempted to look to circumstances and our own strength for peace, we need to take a deep breath. It’s time to make sure our feet are firmly planted on the bedrock of peace. It’s a place of welfare, not disaster, and it’s filled with hope.

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